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(5) Five Typical Indonesian Food Must be Enjoyed By You Tourists From Various Countries

For those of you who visit Indonesia may be confused to find a typical food in Indonesia. here we give a choice of five typical Indonesian delicacies
1. Satay
Sate Makanan Khas Indonesia Disukai Turist bule luar negri mancanegara
Sate Khas Indonesia

Pieces of meat pierced and burned until brown was able to spoil the tongue of foreign tourists. Coupled with sweet peanut sauce makes the flesh taste more delicious.
2. Fried Rice
Fried Rice Indonesian special food Fried Rice
Fried Rice Khas Indonesia

This one food is very close to the people of Indonesia. Fried rice can be eaten at any time be it morning, noon, afternoon or evening.Apparently, fried rice is one of the favorite Indonesian food of former US President, Barack Obama you know!
3. Rendang
Rendang Indonesian special food
Rendang Khas Indonesia

Various kinds of spices are included in this food is able to make saliva dripping. This one food has been recognized by the world.Even rendang was crowned into the number one best food among the world's 50 best foods.
4. Meatballs
Indonesian special food
MeatBall Khas Indonesia

Processed ground meat with a round shape of hot gravy is very suitable to eat when the cold air. It's easy to find meatballs on the outskirts of Indonesia. Apparently this food is often sought after by the Chinese people you know.
5. Gudeg
Indonesian special food Gudeg, sate
Gudeg Khas Indonesia

Yogyakarta special food is already famous in Indonesia and International. This can be seen from the number of export demand in the form of canned to some countries. Even in Melbourne, Australia there are restaurants that serve native Indonesian gudeg this.
Some of the above foods can easily be found at foodcourt Hartono Mall Solo. In addition there are many types of food that you can cicipin with friends and family.
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